Mick’s Bio 

Mick Pealing was born in the 50's in Adelaide, South Australia to an English migrant father and a local girl mother, both music lovers Mick along with three sisters and a brother were brought up on a healthy menu of jazz and the eclectic playlist of 60's commercial radio, which would play everything from Motown to Mersey and all stops in between.

Not actually knowing he could sing, or have a voice that might be pleasing to the ear, Mick decided one afternoon in the early 70's to go to a local concert put on by some local musos, where he reluctantly got up to sing after being pointed out as someone who might know the words to "Alright Now".   Although he sang with his back to the audience, Mick sang the song well enough to be asked to join the band.  This band contained two members which, in a couple of years, would become "Stars".

A reputation as a singer soon emerged and Mick, after trying his luck with local acts "Flight" and "Nantucket", eventually came together with members of "AstraKhan" which featured Mal Eastick, Glyn Dowding and Andy Durant (who was about to go overseas for some time).  Along with Graham Thompson, this became a 4 piece band known as "Flash" which specialised in hard rock covers from "Free" and "Deep Purple", along with some original material.

After a year or so of supporting interstate acts at Hindley Street's "Countdown" among other venues in South Australia, Beeb Birtles saw some potential and recommended the band to Michael Gudinski of Mushroom Records.

A deal was signed with Mushroom and the band by this time known as "Stars" went on to record two singles, "Quick On The Draw"(produced by Beeb) and "With A Winning Hand".

Realising they might not have the ability or time to come up with enough songs for their first album, Andy Durant, who by this time had returned from overseas with a clutch of self penned songs, was approached and rejoined the band. Graham Thompson was also replaced by former Little River Band bassist Roger Maclachlan which resulted in Stars first album, "Paradise".

With relentless touring around Australia, healthy sales of the album and two hit singles ("Look After Yourself" and "Mighty Rock") a follow up album was recorded ("Land Of Fortune"). With a new rhythm section, JJ Hackett on drums and Ian McDonald on bass, the band continued their non stop touring to promote the new record, notching up support slots with The Beach Boys, Linda Rondstadt, ELO and many others along with their own well received headlining shows.

Unfortunately, "Land Of Fortune", although critically acclaimed didn't sell as well as hoped and along with Andy's health issues and a no end in sight touring schedual, Mal Eastick decided to get off the merry go round, which cemented the end of "Stars".  A further 6 months of touring to tidy up debts and a final contractual agreement, the live album "1157" was released.  Four years had whipped by in the blink of an eye.

Andy Durant passed away in early 1980 from cancer and a fitting tribute was held later that year at The Palais Theatre in St Kilda, Melbourne. Being one of the first of its kind "The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert" featured Andy's songs performed by the remaining members of Stars, Cold Chisel, Renee Geyer, Richard Clapton and basically the cream of Australia's rock talent at the time. The concert was recorded and a double album topped the charts around the country, with all proceeds going to The Peter McCallum Cancer Clinic in Melbourne. The concert was also filmed for a TV presentation and later released on VHS, both are now available on CD and DVD. Over the next three decades Mick continued to front his own bands, The Ideals, The Method and The Spaniards with former "Feretts" singer/songwriter Billy Miller.  A single "God Is A Shield",produced by Molly Meldrum, and mini album "Locked In A Dance" were released.

Today, Mick continues his love for British hard Rock from the 60’s and 70’s with the band Raw Brit featuring members of Boom Crash Opera, Angels, Rose Tattoo, Skyhooks & Baby Animals.
A newly reformed Stars is touring Australia and about to release its second album, a follow up to the critically acclaimed first album Boundary Rider it once again features songs written by Mick & fellow band member Nick Charles.