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  1. Grand Hotel
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Come on in, sit down kid and tell me who you saw in the hall
Man this place was something once but hey then weren't we all
Most of the dreamers in here, they never really fit the mould
But you never pay the price for that until you get old

How the third act ever turns out, none of us can tell
Till we all meet in a welfare suite at the used to be Grand Hotel

Stars have further to fall kid, you only burn bright a while
When you finally hit bottom there's still room for a little style
Ol' Taps and Miss Queenie will tell you Stars used to come in pairs
Even being somebody once meant dressing up just to go down stairs

How the third act....

So pile up all your paper cover stains on the floor
Find half a bottle and put please disturb on you door

How the third act...

And all the birds who lost their feathers
Find their way under the ledges
Of the used to be Grand Hotel